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Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Hearing Aid Battery Tester
    A quick check of the battery is all it takes to save time and frustration. Easy-to-read LCD display; built-in holder for extra batteries. Fits in your purse or pocket, or on a key chain.

  • Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
    Remove moisture from your hearing aids by placing them in a dehumidifier. It can be reused many times and is rejuvenated by heating in the microwave or conventional oven.

  • Hearing Aid Batteries
    Reliable batteries for your on-the-go lifestyle, in every size for every type of hearing aid. Packaging is designed to make your battery changing process as easy as possible. All the batteries have shelf life of 2 years.

  • Earmolds

  • Earmold Air Blower
    Helps to keep earmolds, tubings and ventilation holes clear from moisture, dirt, debris or earwax.
  • Eartips for BTE Hearing Aids

  • Eartips for Body-Worn Hearing Aids

  • Cords for Body-Worn Hearing Aids
    With Body Aid style hearing aids, the special hearing aid cord that runs from the instrument itself up to the ear is critical to proper performance of the unit. The hearing aid cord is also the part of a Body Aid that takes the most wear and tear. Experienced Body Aid users know that hearing aid cords must be replaced periodically despite the best care a person takes with their Body Aid.

  • Receivers for Body-Worn Hearing Aids