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Hearing Aid Batteries

Nagpurkar Hearing Services offers zinc air hearing aid batteries in popular sizes

including size 10, 13, 312 and 675. 

To promote our web presence these batteries are priced at a very attractive price.

See table below for the prices. Prices are same for all sizes. Each pack contains 6 batteries.

Batteries Packs Special Web Price    Courier & Handling
Ships to India only.
6 1 pack
 Rs. 70  Rs.  250
12 2 packs
 Rs.360  Rs. 70  Rs.  430
18 3 packs
 Rs.540  Rs. 70  Rs.  610
24 4 packs
 Rs.720  Rs. 70  Rs.  790
30 5 packs
 Rs.900  Rs. 70  Rs.  970

To order the hearing aid battery you need, choose the correct battery size below.

You can pay using net banking or by cash.

Size 10

Usually used in CICs & IICs
Our Price: Rs 180 only

Size 13

Voltage: 1.45V
Diameter: 7.9mm
Height: 5.4mm
Weight: 0.8g

Usually used in BTEs, RICs 
& ITEs

Our Price: Rs 180 only


 Size 312

Diameter: 7.9mm
Height: 3.6mm
Weight: 0.58g

Usually used in ITCs & RICs
Our Price: Rs 180 only

 Size 675

Voltage: 1.45V
Diameter:    11.6mm
Height: 5.4mm
Weight: 1.85g

Usually used in Power BTEs
Our Price: Rs 180 only