Hearing Protection

Every individual reacts differently to loud sounds. Generally, a sound level of more than 80 dB can damage one’s hearing. When people have to talk more loudly than usual to make themselves heard, this suggests that the environment is at a level of 80 dB or higher.

The higher the level and the longer the length of time one spends in noisy environments, the greater the risk of hearing damage. When exposed to very loud noises in a short duration, for instance, a sudden firecracker explosion, it may result in pain and one may seriously or permanently lose his hearing immediately.Noise does not only affect hearing. It can also affect concentration, which may result in poorer performance at work. Subsequently, one may be easily angered and frustrations may occur. In order to prevent hearing damage and consequently poorer quality of life, we should always wear hearing protectors when in noisy environments. Hearing protectors, such as ear plugs reduce the intensity of sounds and therefore reduce the risk of hearing damage.