Who are we

The roots of Nagpurkar Hearing Services can be traced back to 1942 when the late Mr Shivprasadji Nagpurkar founded Eagle Radio House.

Today Nagpurkar Hearing Services is perhaps the largest and most experienced independent hearing instrument dispenser in South Maharashtra, looking after the diverse needs of hearing impaired individuals.

Leadership Team

Nagpurkar Hearing Services being a family owned business for years, members of the family constitute the Executive Team.

Late Mr Shivprasadji Nagpurkar


Initially Eagle Radio House was known only as a Radio dealer but in past 30-35 years it gradually diversified its activity into hearing aids. Since then we have steadily grown and expanded as 'hearing health care experts'. In 1999, brand name was added to reflect our expertise as the Center for Hearing Health Care Services.

Vijay Nagpurkar

Proprietor & Co-Founder

Vijay is a co-founder of  Nagpurkar Hearing Services and has held key position since its inception. He has been recognized throughout India for his years of experience and involvement in Indian hearing aid industry. Vijay has also taken a keen interest in providing best hearing aid repairs and ear mould manufacturing. He always aims to employ best industry wide practices at NHS.  Apart from Hearing Instruments, he has extensive experience in Audio-Video products and Home Appliances. 

Gautam Nagpurkar

Clinical Audiologist 

Gautam was exposed to the field of hearing care and to hearing aids as a child. When it came  to choose a profession, it was an easy decision for him to elect and pursue a career in Audiology which eventually allowed him to get involved in the family owned business. Gautam has earned his Bachelors of Science degree in speech and hearing from the University of Bangalore, followed by a Certificate of Clinical Practice in Audiology from Audiological Society of Australia, in Melbourne. For the past 25 years, Gautam has been providing professional hearing care in clinical settings to clients of all ages. This includes his overseas experience in Melbourne, Australia as a Senior Clinical Audiologist with one of the largest hearing service provider. Gautam takes special pride in keeping up-to-date, with changes in the hearing aid industry, advances in the field of Audiology.

Customer Service Staff

One of our Customer Service Staff is often the first person you will come into contact with when calling or visiting our office. They are knowledgeable about hearing aids in general and can answer most of the basic questions you may have. They manage the front office and take care of billing, setting up appointments and various other things.

Commitment to excellence means that all of NHS clients receive the best hearing care available.